Steering committees

1) November 10, 2010: 1400-1600
Nihon room, Pembroke College, University of Cambridge
A virtual and actual event allowing Steering Committee members to convene for the first time; to consider and give guidance in light of an Interim Report on the outcomes of the first 2 Network events; to contribute their thoughts to the panel suggestions for the January 2011 conference; and to raise questions and give criticisms and guidance about the direction of the Network as they see fit.


2) January 25, 2011: 1400-1600
Nihon room, Pembroke College, Cambridge
Following on from the January conference, we are entering the final phase of this single year project. Thus it seems crucial that we a) analyse the outcome of our recent conference; b) discuss publication strategies (we have several possibilities which should be firmer by February 2011) and c) think about whether and how the project should move beyond this pilot year. That might mean suggestions re specific research projects; as well as ways to continue to build the Network itself; also possible funding sources.