Aims & objectives

Our Network has the broad aims of:
• Building new connections between people
• Fostering enhanced understanding of the communication processes involved
• Explaining how people perceive, interpret and communicate environmental knowledge
• Communicating across different disciplines and beyond the anthropological community to promote better understanding of environmental change
• Promoting and informing future research strategies and policies

1) Our 2 methodology virtual forums, 2 internal workshops and conference will:
• Examine ways people perceive and process information about environmental change
• Document communication strategies, particularly where people may ‘talk across’ each other
• Explore ways in which these forms of knowledge facilitate or impede action
• Engage productively with cognate disciplines in terms of the methodological challenges faced
• Produce a comparative evaluation of how anthropology can contribute to histories of climate change
• Illuminate the communication issues in cross-cultural/institutional contexts
• Enrich existing ethnographic work in our areas of expertise, by contributing this historical dimension
• Place this specialist work in comparative context

2) We will also:
• Develop plans for an edited publication on communicating knowledge of environmental change
• Create a web forum for schools and the public to engage with geographically diverse and historically informed research relating to climate change and strategies for dealing with climate events
• Formulate an application for a substantial research project on the topic of environmental histories