We welcome:

Academics & university students/staff of all disciplines:
We really encourage you to take part in the online forum and post all the things you know about climate change – the colleagues you work with, papers you have read or written, upcoming events you know about or might have visited, questions and musings.

Schools, teachers, college/school students:
Are you within a 20 mile radius of Cambridge? If so, would you like us to visit your school to talk about climate change? There is also a page of resources any school can use for its classes.

Please get in touch with us via the forum and tell us what would be most helpful for you, what you need to know and what challenges you face in formulating policy on environmental change.

Members of the public:
What are your reading and thinking about climate change? What do you want to know or are confused by? How do you find out about – and communicate your own knowledge of – climate change? Get involved and tell us on the online forum …