Pathways Project

Pathways to understanding the changing climate: time and place in cultural learning about the environment

A three year project (2013–2016) funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council  (AHRC)

The project is a collaboration between the Division of Social Anthropology and the Faculty of Education.

The aim of this project, which emerges from the AHRC funded Climate Histories network (2010-11), is to explore the ways
in which people perceive and narrate environmental change, with a particular focus on the intergenerational exchange of
this knowledge and the role of schools in allowing children to creatively reflect on their environmental context including both
natural features and spirits and legends of the place. Recognising that, especially in the context of the changing climate,
transformations cannot be understood on a purely local level, but need to be grasped in the context of global processes, we
will develop cross-cultural links to connect the local experience of environmental change in East Anglia with the experience
of change elsewhere in the world, particularly Mongolia and the Arctic.