Climate Change and the History of Comfort and Wellbeing

October 28th, 2011 by

Wednesday 19 October saw the second meeting of the Climate Histories Interdisciplinary Discussion Group at CRASSH. The theme of our discussion was “Climate Change and the History of Comfort and Wellbeing“, and we had a nice balance of tea and cake, engaging presentations, questions, and energetic discussion.

Our first speaker was Nell Crowden, who read History of Medicine (MA) at University College London, and Classical Studies (BA) at King’s College London, and now coordinates UCL’s Climate Change and Health MSc module. She gave a talk on “Human health and climate change: aspects of generation, development, dissemination and advocacy”, which can be downloaded here: CRASSH Cambridge talk Nell Crowden 19.10.11

Nell was followed by Marcos Pelenur, PhD Student in the Department of Engineering and the Centre for Sustainable Development at Cambridge. His talk “Energy in the domestic built environment” looked at how people link energy use and their quality of life and looked at how perceptions of comfort are shaped among people in Manchester and Cardiff, and how these cultural ideas of what constitutes a comfortable lifestyle pose a challenge for our attempts to re-engineer the city in the context of climate change. His slides can be downloaded here: CRASSH Cambridge slides Marcos Pelenur 19.10.11

Our next meeting is on the 2nd November at 2.30pm in CRASSH, when our theme is: “What Does Sustainability Mean in an Era When We’re All Talking About Climate Change?”

For more details about our programme, see the CRASSH website.

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