Postdisciplinarity: environmental science brings the disciplines together

February 5th, 2011 by

In this interesting article on postdisciplinarity Mario Biagioli suggests that environmental studies offers the humanities an opportunity for expansion and postdisciplinarity:

Read here: Postdisciplinary Liaisons PDF

Louis Menand writes in The Marketplace of Ideas: Reform and Resistance in the American University that that in the gradual shift from liberal arts education toward professional programs of study, American intellectuals have created an institutional structure of clearly defined disciplines that could provide relative job security for professors within myriad fields of study. But, that kind of specialization has also led to a professoriate with narrow boxes in which to operate and an ever-diminishing ability to engage in meaningful fdebates that affect society.

Julie Buckler of Harvard University meanwhile says that while transdisciplinarity refers to the highest level of integrated study – that which proposes the unity of intellectual frameworks beyond the disciplinary perspectives and points toward our potential to think in terms of frameworks, concepts, techniques, and vocabulary that we have not yet imagined – postdisciplinarity evokes an intellectual universe in which we inhabit the ruins of outmoded disciplinary structures, mediating between our nostalgia for this lost unity and our excitement at the intellectual freedom its demise can offer us.

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