Comment on “Arctic with Bruce Parry”: In the name of climate change

January 15th, 2011 by

This current BBC series takes a non-academic look at the survival of hunter lifestyles in the North Pole environs. While it’s clear the environment is changing, it’s also clear that local practices are being limited in the name of climate change. Of particular interest is episode 2 on Greenland Inuits, where conservationist concerns and corporation mining is having a particularly high impact.

Watch episode 2: here

Bruce Parry journeys to the far north of Greenland, home to the last traditional Inuit hunters.┬áHe experiences the realities of life – and death – on a seal hunt, and learns how climate change is threatening their ancient way of life. But while global warming is causing problems for the hunters, it is providing others with new opportunities. As the vast Greenland ice sheet melts, new mineral riches are being revealed. Bruce works with a mining team who are about to strike it big. Greenland is changing fast – but will there still be a place for hunters in the Arctic of the 21st century?

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